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Best Purchase Guarantee Protection

Our Guarantee:
If you have ever had to cancel a flight, you know how high cancellation fees can be. Prices can range from $75 to upwards of $500 per person depending on the type of ticket you’ve purchased. Our Best Purchase Guarantee Protection allows you to cancel your booking on the same day it was made, without any cancellation fees, up until 11:59PM EST. If you would like to take advantage of Best Purchase Guarantee Protection and cancel your booking please call us at 1-888-775-1099.

The Terms

Best Purchase Guarantee Protection applies to flight cancellations but does not apply to flight changes. If you require a change to your flight(s), change fees by the airline and will be applied as well as any difference in flight fare for the new itinerary selected.

Best Purchase Guarantee Protection does not apply to Charter Airlines as these Airlines charge penalties that must be charged and therefore cannot be waived by If Best Purchase Guarantee Protection is selected it must be applied to all passengers on the itinerary.

What is a Charter Flight?
Charter flights frequently operate on routes where there is no scheduled service. Tickets are not sold directly by the Airlines, but are rather sold through Holiday companies (like Holiday House, WestJet Vacations or Sunwing) that have chartered the flights to the particular destinations that they sell. These flights are usually much cheaper than scheduled flights and carry non-refundable, non-cancellable terms.

Here’s How Easy it is!

  1. Choose your Flight
  2. Select Best Purchase Guarantee Protection at checkout
  3. Call us to cancel your flight (within the same day of purchase)