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Is the Kindle Voyage E-reader the Next Great Travel Item?

Reading is a form of escape from the stresses of daily of life into worlds far, far away.  For some travelers, reading helps gain insight into different countries and cultures they’re planning to visit. For others, it’s a way to relax when enjoying downtime on vacation. Since people first took to the skies in search of new destinations, traveling without a paperback book in hand has sounded insane. That is, until the first Kindle e-reader hit the market in 2007.

The recent introduction of e-readers has made reading more convenient for travelers, whether they’re on the road for business or pleasure. E-readers make it possible to bring multiple books on a single journey. A single e-reader can hold hundreds of books and is slimmer than just one paperback. With charges for carry-on baggage becoming more common and baggage limits slimming, it’s seems like a no-brainer to put dozens of books on one easy-to-use device — especially when traveling for an extended amount of time.

For those who travel often or are anticipating long-haul flights, an e-reader is now an affordable and convenient option for catching up on the latest Pulitzer and Man Booker prize winners.  The lightweight designs, long battery lives, easy-to-use setups, and affordable price tags make it easier than ever to travel light without sacrificing entertainment. It’s no wonder that Amazon has stayed at the cutting edge of the industry with the release of the Kindle Voyage.

The Kindle Voyage doesn’t just save space, it saves energy too. The super-duty battery stays charged for weeks, which means less charging time between use. The no-glare touchscreen and ability to store thousands of books may make you forget about the feel and touch of hard and paperback books entirely.  A high-resolution 300 ppi display and front light for night owls means travelers’ eyes won’t suffer while soaking up information and stories. Avid readers will also find the option to try Kindle Unlimited for a month without charge a major bonus.

Finally, travelers can stop worrying about how much space they need for reading material and start focusing on what they want to read next. 

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